Prakhar Asthana

Prakhar Asthana



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Prakhar has 7+ years of experience with focus on Strategy & Performance improvement and Digital Transformation across multiple geographies with diverse Private & Public sector organizations


  • Redesigned performance management by system automation & workflow setup for a fast-growing NBF
    • Led the discussion for ERP adoption & the change management needed to incorporate the new features
    • Built the exhaustive list of processes leading to deliverables to be mapped to the individual KPIs
    • Implemented process flow for inter-department coordination and enabling the system to handle exceptions
  • Advised Public sector setups and start-ups in their digital transformation
    • Developed strategy and implementation roadmap
    • Jointly evaluated relevant vendors and helped to select the right product as well service provider
    • Setup and managed the PMO (involved interactions with multiple stakeholders)
  • Advised an IT giant in India to revamp their sales & marketing efforts by tapping into the social media
    • Strategizing and implementing a Social Selling project, to help bolster the brand
    • Resulted in tremendous increase in the lead inflow for the company from social channels
    • Helped to connect to thousands of customers and influencers in the process
  • Formulated the pricing & channel restructuring strategy for a software product company – market leader
    • Primary & secondary research of customers & partners to understand the challenges & requirements
    • Ensured that results tie-up with the management’s aspiration before being put into action
    • Helped them to implement it across the country

Clients Served

SMASCO (KSA), KIMS Hospital (inc. GCC subsidiaries), Govt. of Haryana, Northern Arc Capital, NeST Group

Past Experience

Oracle India Private Limited, Tally Solutions Private Limited, i3 Consulting