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As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Acuvon Consulting has partnered with i-Saksham, an NGO which is working in the extremist areas of Bihar. Over the last 5 years, i-Saksham has built a network of 350+ local rural young women as ‘Leaders of Change’ spread across 5 districts of Bihar: Begusarai, Gaya, Jamui, Munger and Muzaffarpur. These young women go through a 2-year immersive leadership development program focussed around: 

  1. Promoting Voice and Choice: By accessing relevant digital content on personal leadership skills, targeted young women can gain the courage/skills to cultivate and pursue their aspirations
  2. Enhancing their academic competence and contributing to primary education: By leveraging ed-tech like Khan Academy videos, Duolingo app, young women can demonstrate significant improvement in their academic skills and help other children in the community do the same
  3. Building connections: By becoming part of collaboration platforms, young women can organize themselves into a peer-driven community of change agents and drive collection action in their communities.

Refer to the videos being developed by i-Saksham.

Acuvon Consulting has helped i-Saksham across a broad spectrum of areas

Fund Raising: Acuvon helped i-Saksham in building pitch documents and helping them raise funds via NSDC partnership, CSR and crowd sourcing. The total funding raised was approximately 0.75 million USD over a period of time

Platform for scale: Acuvon helped i-Saksham via development and roll out of SOPs, KPIs and performance dashboards

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