Helping BFSI clients transform to a Customer Centric organization.


The banking industry is undergoing a transformation – an ongoing evolution that is seeing change at every level and in every corner of the planet and all these changes are being pivoted around the CUSTOMER!

At Acuvon, we believe that the organizations that are able to address the undermentioned custome centric challenges, will rise and shine in future.

Embracing the innovation led by Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) companies

FinTech companies are disrupting the way traditional banking has been done. This is creating a big challenge for traditional banks because they are not able to adjust quickly to the changes – not just in technology, but also in operations, culture, and other facets of the industry.

Omni-channel presence

With customers making fewer visits to a branch, services and interactions have to be seamless across every channel. The omni-channel consumer expects everything to be instantly available, with no gaps in the brand experience. How geared the banks are to achieve this?

Creating a customer experience culture

Long-term sustainable growth in the banking industry seems only possible with a radical departure from a sales and product obsessed mindset to one of genuine customer centricity. Lot of banks continue to struggle on this front.

Evolving customer engagement

Customer engagement is beyond social media; it is about behavioral marketing, advocacy from influencers and thought leaders, data mining for ‘big insights’ and using all of it in a continuous manner across customer segments and channels in an efficient and cost effective manner, to achieve a seamless experience, which fuels customer engagement.


Today's customers expect a tailored solution to their needs, just like they expect to get their own special order at their favorite coffee shop. Banks are struggling to know their customers enough to ask the right questions in order to have a personalized experience.

Solution Overview

Efficient and lean processes

Optimize service operations and achieve higher IT enabled processes

Fin-Tech incubation

Lead special programs for integrating Fin-Tech into existing business

Data management strategy

Hunt ‘big insights’ and transform them to strengthen loyalty, advocacy, and more lucrative customer relationships

Customer Centric programs

Conceptualize and manage customer centric programs

Case Studies

Acuvon through its set of robust solutions spread across the retail value chain is able to help retailers achieve the requisite growth and profitability targets.


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