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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry is witnessing an era of increased knowledge about diseases, new methods of diagnosis and new devices and drugs for treatment. This coupled with technology intervention in the form of Blockchain, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Health, Digital and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is making healthcare delivery more efficient and accessible.

At Acuvon, we believe that these developments which are re-shaping the industry will throw new opportunities for the future but the Industry has its own set of challenges as well.

Patient centric care

A patient-centric approach is a way healthcare systems can establish a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families to align decisions with patients’ wants, needs, and preferences.

Clinical and data analytics

Big data and clinical evidence will be increasingly utilized to improve patient outcomes. Pharmaceutical companies offering services that help patients collect, analyze and understand their own health data and health conditions will be the new emphasis for patient engagement, and one of healthcare industry’s major challenges. Healthcare companies need to be able to identify and meet patients’ needs by establishing a comprehensive and secure database for collecting and analyzing health data and conditions.  

Value based models

With the shift away from fee-for-service, healthcare industry companies need to find ways to lower costs and improve quality of care. Value-based payment models have the potential to upend traditional patient care and business models. Building the outcomes-based financial models and data infrastructure to maximize value-based care reimbursement pathways will be increasingly important.

Harnessing mobile health technology

Digital technologies can be of particular use in improving disease management and data collection. Healthcare industry stakeholders should consider building ecosystems that embrace non-traditional factors and sources of knowledge outside healthcare practices. These would include wearable tracking devices, digital payments, CRM, and other patient-generated data, health monitoring, and omnichannel access/distribution.

Rising cost of Healthcare

As more and more people strive to live longer, healthier and more active lifestyles, healthcare concerns increase and so does the costs. Research reveals that healthcare costs and spending often rise at rates exceeding inflation, and is expected to increase in the future. Government, Insurance companies and Healthcare service providers will have to combat this rising cost through new pricing and service models which are efficient and technology enabled.

Solution Overview

Acuvon through its set of robust solutions spread across the retail value chain is able to help retailers achieve the requisite growth and profitability target.

Decision Sciences

Build strong data analytics and business intelligence capabilities

Capitalizing on disruption caused through Healthtech and Pharmatech

Helping companies embrace technology and traverse the path of digital transformation

Efficient and effective operating models

Adopt new channels and models for product and service delivery

Consumer focussed business models

Transform product and service-based models to consumer-focused business models

Strategy Development

Help companies make the right business choices; products, services, geographies and customer segments

Case Studies

Acuvon through its set of robust solutions spread across the retail value chain is able to help retailers achieve the requisite growth and profitability targets.


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