Sachin Kumar

Sachin Kumar



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Has done projects with leading pharmaceutical and service provider industry showcasing skills such as excellent leadership qualities, project management, exponential learning curve and quick decision making


  • Worked for a virtual assistant start-up
    • Managed direct and indirect marketing, creating content for the company’s website of a virtual assistant start up
    • Executed e-mail marketing to ~200 US clients on a daily basis using tools like Woodpecker, Skrapp and Mention
  • Worked for a leading pharmaceutical company
    • Optimized Transfection Efficiency by employing apparatus configurations of varied parameters in order to achieve the maximum possible quantity of cell clones with high protein – producing capacity.
    • Inferred comparisons of transfected cell count and cell viability data using the visual representation of the experimental results
  • Worked for Roots (New Delhi)
    • Generated ~1000 prospective leads through email marketing for the business – incubator start up.