Sachin Kumar

Sachin Kumar



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Sachin has worked with leading clients and done internships with multiple industries enhancing his knowledge base in process improvements and implementation, data handling and analysis related projects


  • Supported a leading QSR pizza chain operator in implementation of its corporate level objectives and optimization of G&A expenses
    • Developed and formulated KPIs for the BU and departments in line with the mission, vision and strategic pillars of the organization
    • Cascaded the KPIs to individual levels for designations across the departments linking them to the bonus payouts
    • Optimized manpower through zero based budgeting(ZBB) using time motion study of it’s employees and running a comprehensive analysis on the collected data to recommend the ideal headcount
    • Identified initiatives during the ZBB exercise for each department and helped in their implementation through creation of SOPs, SLAs, organization structures and data models leading to an overall saving of ~Mn 3 SAR (~7% of overall G&A and corporate expenses)
  • Worked for a leading QSR chain operator in defining and revamping their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Understood current state of the organization through stakeholder interaction, identified gaps and formulated To be processes with perfect mix of system and manual implementations
    • Recommended cutting edge solutions encompassing automation potential of tasks and improvements in current ERP implementation

Past Experience

Aurobindo Biologics, Wishup, Roots