ZBB implementation for a major QSR franchisor

Home ZBB implementation for a major QSR franchisor

Client Background

The client is a major QSR franchisor in the Middle East region operating more than 1,800 retail stores across multiple brands

Business Problem

  • The client needed support to optimize its G&A expenses and in turn enhance its profitability
  • The client also wanted to streamline the New Store Opening (NSO) process and hence reduce the Turn Around Time (TAT)

Solution Overview

  • Acuvon supported in implementation of Zero-based budgeting at G&A expense level to help the client optimize their expenses
    • Identified underlying drivers for each expense category, standardized drivers across the organization through internal and external benchmarking
    • Identified key initiatives to optimize the G&A expenses in collaboration with the respective expense category and budget owners
    • Created a comprehensive action plan for implementation of the identified initiatives, provided implementation support (where necessary) and monitored progress through periodic review meetings in PMO capacity
  • Acuvon helped the client in reducing the TAT of NSO process
    • Documented the As Is process for NSO by conducting interviews with heads of all the departments involved in the NSO process
    • Identified key gaps in the As-Is process to identify potential areas where time taken can be reduced through inter department synergies
    • Redesigned the process for new store opening by streamlining the kitchen equipment ordering, standardization of real estate contracts, advance planning for municipality licenses and better coordination between the client internal teams

Business Impact


Reduction in G&A expenses


Reduction in the turn around time of new store opening process