ZBB and BSC implementation for an international pizza QSR chain

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Client Background

The client is a master franchise of a large pizza QSR chain in the MENA region with 450+ stores and had an ambition of becoming one of the biggest players in the region. The management wanted to scale up fast but lacked right planning, systems and processes to support growth.

Business Problem

  • The client needed support in developing and implementing a suitable performance management system in the organization to effectively cascade the strategy of the organization to an individual level
  • The client also wanted to optimize their G&A expenses and in turn enhance their profitability

Solution Overview

  • Acuvon helped the client in implementing Balanced Scorecard (BSC) across the organization
    • Conducted a strategy workshop with the leadership team to identify corporate level objectives
    • Created the corporate level KPIs from the agreed corporate objectives
    • Cascaded the corporate level KPIs to an individual level and linked bonus payout of employees to the KPIs
    • Created KPIs monitoring dashboard in Power BI
  • Acuvon adopted the Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) approach to help the client optimize their G&A expenses
    • Defined major expenses categories by clubbing together expenses that were similar in nature
    • Identified underlying drivers for each expense category, standardized drivers across the organization through internal and external benchmarking
    • Identified 100+ key initiatives to optimize G&A expenses in collaboration with the client category owners. The initiatives involved re-engineering and automation of existing processes, manpower optimization through time & motion study and organizational restructuring
    • Created a comprehensive action plan for implementation of the identified initiatives, provided implementation support (where necessary), and monitored progress through periodic review meetings in PMO capacity

Business Impact


Reduction in G&A expenses


Linkage of organizational strategy to different levels of the organization