SOP development and cost reduction for an investment firm

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Client Background

The client is a leading investment firm in KSA offering Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Asset Management and Brokerage services

Business Problem

  • The client required support in improving their existing client-facing processes in order to ensure that customers are provided with the best possible service
  • The client also wanted to migrate its existing offline customer base to more cost-effective channels

Solution Overview

  • Acuvon worked with the client team to identify the key challenges across all customer touch points through the use of its proprietary gap analysis framework
    • Documented the As Is process for customer-facing processes by conducting interviews with heads of all the concerned departments
    • Identified key challenges across all customer touchpoints through the use of a gap analysis framework
    • Redesigned the customer-facing process by clearly defining responsibilities to avoid duplication of work, eliminating non-value adding high turnaround time processes and improving existing forms
  • Developed and implemented a plan for customer migration from offline to the online channel
    • Classified customers based on their existing channel usage patterns
    • Created customer micro-segments based upon their transaction channel preference and total value traded
    • Proposed measures targeted toward each micro-segment for changing customer behavior

Business Impact


Increment in customer satisfaction through the redesigned processes


Of offline customers shifted to cost-effective online channels