Performance improvement for a complete home interior design company

Home Performance improvement for a complete home interior design company

Client Background

The client is a complete home interior design and furniture solutions provider based out of India

Business Problem

The client required support in reducing the average turnaround time from production to installation for majority of projects

Solution Overview

  • Acuvon helped the client bring about efficacy of operations through process re-engineering and by building robust system governance across three phases, i.e. Design phase, production and product delivery phase and installation phase
    • Developed SOPs, checklists and templates in design phase
    • Created incentive scheme for design partners, leading to reduction in design errors. This resulted in substantial decrease of TAT in subsequent phases as a result of the drawings being first time right
    • Reduced the procurement TAT in the production and product delivery phase by 50% through reclassification of items into two categories i.e. ‘made to order’ and ‘made to stock’ . Redefined the inventory policy (when to order and how much to order) for ‘made to stock’ items
    • Reduced the production and installation TAT by 25% by automating existing production processes through bar coding and by building SOPs, SLAs and checklists around the production and installation phase processes
    • Built project dashboard to monitor and track real time status of all the projects
    • Created a robust team to monitor progress on daily basis and coordinate between internal teams, ensuring successful implementation of the identified solutions

Business Impact


Reduction in production and installation TAT