Piyush Arora

Piyush Arora



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Piyush has 5 years of industry experience with primary focus on strategy and performance benchmarking across different geographies with diverse private sector organizations


  • Worked for India operations of a leading US based solar products company
    • Led the warehouse modernisation initiative by scientifically calculating the size of the warehouses to help the client reduce warehouse operations costs by 30%
    • Restructured the logistics network of the client to help reduce client’s logistics spend by 20%
    • Developed a new operating model for one of the sales channels to comply with the changed business & regulatory requirements and safeguarded annual profit of $286,000
  • Worked for establishing the National Centre for Privatization under Ministry of Economy & Planning, KSA
    • Supported on various aspects ranging from entity establishment, strategy and operational set-up, to privatization initiatives and sector specific privatization planning and execution
  • Worked for a real estate investment fund focussed on Dublin
    • Prepared a pitch document for potential investors for real estate investment in Dublin after conducting the relevant market study including including macro, micro and sentiment analysis
  • Worked within the process transformation team of one of the Big 4s
    • Performed fact based process transformation benchmarking studies for clients in various sectors
    • Identified best implementable practices addressing key themes of process efficiency & cost effectiveness

Past Experience

Rocket Internet (Jumia Group), Ernst & Young, Fractal Analytics Ltd. , i3 Consulting