Vishal Bhatla

Vishal Bhatla



Vishal has 3+ years of experience working in financial services, logistics sector, mining, engineering products and services sector in India and Saudi Arabia


  • Conducted need-gap analysis of global and Saudi Arabian supply chain finance industry for determination of potential venturing opportunities
  • Managed INR 200 Cr. worth project of Erection and Commissioning of an excavator for India’s biggest coal producer
    • Decreased logistics time by 66% (80 days) by moving high competence tasks from 3rd party to in-house staff
    • Increased project pace by 30% by initiating maintaining records of progress & other activities on daily basis
  • Analyzed 350+ products under 15 segments of diff. brands in the Indian battery market through primary research for leading Indian battery manufacturer, redesigned the complete product portfolio of 160 products for the Indian market by studying consumer behavior
    • Introduced new product line for the 2-wheeler segment and reduced portfolio to 80 products
    • Formulated entire go-to-market strategy and positioning of the product for the new product line introduced
    • Created a financial plan for the suggested product lines by estimating demand for the next 2 years

Past Experience

Coal India Limited, Exide Industries Limited