Shubham Gogade

Shubham Gogade



Shubham has experience as an intern working with India’s leading e-commerce furniture brand in strategy development & implementation to increase marketing communication relevance


  • Worked with India’s leading e-commerce furniture brand to increase customer conversion rate
    • Determined customer’s purchase behavior and created customer segments based on purchase pattern
    • Developed marketing campaigns to increase revisit rate by 35% and CTOR by 35% for targeted customers
    • Created personalized recommendation system to increase communication relevance
  • Worked with a leading educational institution to increase their customer acquisition rate
    • Gauged brand perception in coaching space by benchmarking competitors against 5 KPIs
    • Performed primary market research to develop digital marketing campaign for increasing awareness
    • Optimized social media content using SEO techniques to increase lead generation rate by 20%
  • Worked with a leading quick-service restaurant from KSA
    • Conducted detailed analysis of ‘as-is’ situation of Herfy’s supply chain & maintenance department
    • Proposed methodology to undertake activities to map supply chain and maintenance to eliminate inefficiencies

Past Experience

Pepperfry, Shambhavi’s Institute (Live Project)