Shashikant Jangir

Shashikant Jangir



Professional with a proven track record of driving complex and demanding turnaround projects. Well-coordinated  in addressing problems, investigating root causes, visualizing cause & effect and successfully implementing solutions


  • Worked with the biggest manufacturer of dates in the world (based out of UAE)
    • Developed and implemented a multi-department strategy to help the company become a global FMCG brand (with operation in 45+ countries across multiple channels)
    • Coordinated and managed projects across multiple workstreams under the marketing and sales head to find growth opportunities in key markets
  • Worked with leading FMCG player in KSA to optimize its Sales & Distribution Costs
    • Conducted a detailed as-is diagnostic to identify the potential gaps/ areas of improvement.
    • Developed and rolled out a transformation plan for the addressal of the identified improvement areas
  • Drove a change management project under the CEO of the biggest value fashion brand in India
    • Laid down the company level As-Is and To-Be processes to build a robust solution addressing the problems of slow-moving inventory, stock-out of fast sellers, and high lead time
    • Reduced the store-level inventory by 7%, warehouse to store lead time by 50% while aggregating inventory in the warehouse to increase the overall sales by 6% (~ $27 Million)
    • Implemented a multi-department project (heavily based on business analytics) to optimize the in-season inventory buy, freeing up a working capital of $15 Million
  • Implemented a change management project for a value fashion Indian brand to optimize inventory
    • Data-driven decision making to cut the slow-moving inventory and increase shop floor freshness resulting in an increase in LTL store sales by 10% and store turns to 10 with inventory reduction by 8% (~ $7 Million)
    • Operationalized the CEO Dashboard, helping him track inventory and sales across a network of 300+ stores

Past Experience

Goldratt Consulting