Shamik Pushkar

Shamik Pushkar



Diversified experience in retail, logistics, and manufacturing across organizations with proven expertise in the digitization of processes. Proven experience of working in cross-functional teams and managing complex strategic projects


  • Supported in building the strategy and financial model for a leading KSA based logistics player
  • Building strategy and its corresponding rollout for revenue growth via an e-commerce platform
    • Developed overall process flow and operating model for the e-commerce platform
    • Implemented separate order fulfillment process for faster pick and pack of e-commerce orders (Resulted in >10% improvement in order processing speed)
    • Led API integration with biker providing agencies to provide instant delivery for e-commerce customers (Key factor for implementing same-day delivery for customers)
  • Development of Transport Management System (TMS) to drive digitalization efforts in supply chain
    • Improved adherence to SOP to 100% by integrating various systems and regular training of floor associates
    • Developed real time logistics dashboard for better monitoring and control of delivery operations
  • Worked with the largest engine oil manufacturer in India to reduce filling losses in the bottling unit
    • Recommended procedural change that would instantly reduce filling losses by up to 20%
  • Controlling financial & non-financial KPIs for delivery sales of approx. 3000 Cr
    • Implemented changes in delivery operations and vendor billing to reduce delivery cost by 20%
    • Overhauled the pick and pack process to improve on time delivery from 60% to 80%
    • Implemented global vehicle safety policy and automated vendor billing to meet compliance requirements