Samyak Jain

Samyak Jain



Samyak has ~2 years of experience in undertaking market research, designing business plan and building financial models for firms based out of Middle East; advising clients on market entry, valuation & cost optimization


  • Undertook market research for a soon-to-be-launched KSA-based FinTech startup, with specific focus on e-wallet, remittance, payments, cards and microfinancing scenario at global and country level
  • Prepared a business plan, highlighting key product offerings, target customer segments, product positioning, operating model, revenue & pricing strategy, marketing strategy and risk management for the FinTech startup
  • Developed a business financial model depicting the financial statements, unit economics, valuation & funding requirements, scenario analysis at the group as well as standalone business unit level
  • Undertook Activity-Based Costing for warehouse operations, domestic linehaul and cross-border transportation of a logistics service provider based out of Middle East
  • Derived as-is manpower utilization, break-even scenario, per unit cost and potential improvement opportunity areas in terms of people, process & technology
  • Analyzed large-volume orders and shipment data to derive financial model inputs regarding average order mix, volume, route combinations and costs under different scenarios
  • Continuous engagement with client’s operations and management team to gather insights on business model and activities undertaken by various departments

Past Experience

Partner Consultants, IPAC