Rohit Khanna

Rohit Khanna



Rohit has experience in the areas of process improvement, strategy development, and business performance measurement across diverse sectors (wealth management, corporate banking, and manufacturing)


  • Working for a sovereign wealth fund in the Middle-East region
    • The project aims at developing a KPI tracking dashboard for the fund to for the visibility on the financial and operational aspects of their portfolio companies
    • Dashboards for each investee are build based on the business evaluation of companies along with the alignment with the wealth fund
  • Worked with International Subsidiary Banking division of a multinational bank to unlock their business potential
    • Analyzed international subsidiary corridors in southern India and carried analysis of corporates with respect to their banking requirements
    • Developed channels via intermediaries like industry bodies, CAs, and law firms to identify potential clients
    • Scoped business opportunities of Rs. 1.2 crores for the bank by analysing data of 30,000+ companies
  • Worked on process improvement along with managing shop floor activities by leading a team of 18 operators
    • Formulated and implemented cost reduction and quality improvement strategies by working on process SOPs
    • Planned and executed production activities in collaboration with cross-functional teams
    • Strengthened TPM through kaizens, workers’ training, and scheduled preventive maintenance

Clients Served

Past Experience

HSBC India, National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NBC Bearings)