Preetomjit Patra

Preetomjit Patra



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Preetomjit has 2 years of experience in Indian Railways and e-commerce . He has demonstrated leadership skills along with project management skills diligently meeting deadlines.


  • Worked as Maintenance-in-charge, optimized work scheduling, maintained vendor relationship for Indian railways
    • Optimized work schedules for welding and machining for unhindered operations on Track Site
    • Supervised the maintenance of 30 different types of machines worth ₹12 Lakhs, responsible for maintenance of 106 km of railway track
    • Negotiated with external vendors and mechanics while purchasing spare parts and repairing machines
  • Improved Operational efficiency of India’s largest online health store
    • Improved customer experience by identifying reasons for low order fulfilment and high stock-out rates
    • Performed trend analysis on data from 20k orders and 18k subscription-based customers across 6 cities
    • Devised and implemented data-backed solutions improving procurement process & Increasing fill rate
    • Conducted cost-benefit analysis and designed a configurable model for pan-India operations of the firm

Past Experience

Indian Railways, Pharmeasy, i3 Consulting