Paritosh Singh

Paritosh Singh



Paritosh has graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2022.He has interned in as a Research Analyst and as a Marketing Assistant in Surfable Websites.


  • Internship at Inc, Alabama, United States
    • Curated data from 150+ companies and performing ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance) Analysis
    • Collected, Analysed and reported on Environmental impacts including Energy, Fossil Fuel Inventories.
  • Internship at ,Toronto
    • Generated leads to find and connect with different prospects all over USA and pitch the product(Websites)
    • Implemented relevant Vegas Pro and Adobe Photoshop software skills to formulate Websites and Webpages
  • Advised Internship at Intellify Solutions, New Delhi
    • Designed framework for students in collaboration with CBSE, for a worldwide assessment platform-”PISA”
    • Conducted surveys in different educational Institutes to understand the present situation of our Educational System

Past Experience, Surfable Websites