Aniket Shetye

Aniket Shetye

Engagement Manager


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Aniket has extensive experience designing lean Supply Chains for clients across international borders


  • Worked with the Saudi Government to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Determined the baseline for CSR as existing in the Kingdom
    • Developed strategy to enhance CSR and improve the outreach to the community
  • Worked with the Saudi Government to improve Logistics ecosystem
    • Conducted detailed analysis of “as-is” situation of Saudi export ecosystem
    • Proposed methodology to undertake activities to map the supply chain and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Worked with a leading Logistics company in India providing Export Import services
    • Recommended development of Logistics Parks at strategic locations that serve the trade
    • Provided efficient Project Management and secured Project financing for Logistics Parks
    • Interacted with Banks for transactional and working capital requirements
    • Designed hub and spoke rail transportation mechanism
    • Designed efficient warehousing systems improving the operating efficiency by 20%
    • Increased fuel optimization of equipment

Past Experience

Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, i3 Consulting