Aniket Shetye

Aniket Shetye

Engagement Manager


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Aniket has 13 + years of experience across different functions, sectors, geographies in the domain of Supply Chain, Strategy Development & Implementation and Project Management


  • Worked with Government Ministry to optimize their logistics and supply chain operations
    • Created push pull hybrid supply chain plan for Covid 19 vaccines across KSA
    • Helped in project management of supply chain projects ensuring their timely completion, tracking of milestones and impact on cross functional initiatives
    • Developed KPIs to ensure timely alerts for progress of various initiatives
  • Worked with Government Ministry to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Kingdom
    • Determined the existing levels of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the country via stakeholder surveys
    • Analyzed survey output & developed strategy to enhance CSR & improve outreach to identified stakeholders
    • Created a Project Management Office to implement the identified strategies in agile manner
  • Supported a multi brand multi country QSR operator in implementation of SOPs and meeting etiquettes
    • Performed detailed analysis of existing processes and identified gaps in line with international benchmarks
    • Recommended a revised meeting cadence leading to increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Worked with a leading Logistics company in India providing Export Import services
    • Worked on cross country Logistics Parks providing hub & spoke rail transport and efficient warehousing
    • Provided efficient Project Management and secured Project financing for Logistics Parks
    • Interacted with Banks for transactional and working capital requirements

Past Experience

i3 Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services