Akhil Dilip Sukumaran

Akhil Dilip Sukumaran



Akhil has 1+ years of experience working across the manufacturing industry in process improvement and design engineering roles


  • Developed an automated design generation program in partnership with IT to reduce lead time and minimize errors for an MNC
    • Achieved a 7% reduction in lead time for all projects in the pipeline and those to come
    • Standardized designs after consultation with shop floor to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
    • Incorporated modularity in the program which facilitates scaling to other solutions as well
  • Spearheaded the introduction of Fault Tree Analysis, a root cause analysis technique, at the precision tooling division of an Indian MNC
    • Hosted technical workshops and educational sessions to educate over 30 supervisors and operators on the technique
    • Collaborated with department leaders individually to execute quality improvement projects using Fault Tree Analysis to identify possible pain points in the manufacturing pipeline.
    • Assisted in drafting preventive action plans by ranking the faults based on the severity of their impact to the system
  • Conducted industrial analysis on the feasibility of introducing Additive Manufacturing into the current production system of an Aerospace Part Manufacturer.
    • Discerned the cost and time benefits of 3D printing technology based on meetings and interactions with key enterprises in the industry
    • Interviewed major corporations in the industry to understand the offerings of the technology and its alignment with the business requirement

Past Experience

Schneider Electric, Larsen & Toubro, Unimech Aerospace